Based in Melbourne, Australia

Founding date:
August 2014


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MMORPG Tycoon 2


VectorStorm is an independent game studio based in Melbourne, Australia, and founded by a year veteran of the commercial games industry.


It all began with a business card.

When Krome Studios bought the ailing Atari Melbourne House in 2006, Trevor Powell was one of the programmer employees who was transferred over to the new company. All seemed well until, months later, he was given new business cards; business cards which proclaimed him to be a “Lead Programmer”. A position which no one had told him he had.

Feeling a need to better understand the whole game development stack, he began to spend his spare time creating a game engine, to force himself to learn about every part of game creation, instead of just his particular specialties of player and camera control. And because he didn’t see any reason not to, he made the whole engine open source under the permissive zlib license.

It was intentionally a modest game engine; at the time, it could really only be used to create games with simple 2D vector graphics, and so was named “VectorStorm”. It was a learning exercise, and nothing more.

Something more

After a few more years of creating games professionally, of developing the VectorStorm engine in his spare time, and of building a handful of small free games which used that engine, Trevor created the original MMORPG Tycoon as an entry to a TIGSource game jam in 2008.

It was obsessing over this one design that eventually led him, years later, to finally break free of traditional employment and to go independent, to take this game further, with the assistance of talented artists and musicians.

Now VectorStorm isn’t just an engine; it’s a company. And we’re working to expand upon the concept of that original MMORPG Tycoon game.



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Trevor Powell (Email)
Director, Programmer, Designer